A Year Of Fruition, Embracing Fear and Trusting the Process


Definition: attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment. 

Fruition was my word of 2017. At the beginning of the year, I was determined that the next twelve months would be filled with defining moments for me. It would be the year that all of the hard work, time and effort that I’ve been putting in would come to life. 

When I set those intentions, I had certain goals in mind but the year showed me that things can fall into place in unexpected ways. I’ve had a lot of wins, life-changing experiences and also a lot of lessons this past year. I’ve had my morals challenged and I’ve had to tap deep into who it is that I truly am and what it is that I truly want.

More than anything, I’ve grown. 

This past year has defined a lot for me and changed the trajectory of my next chapters. I’m going to share with you some major lessons that I’ve learned throughout 2017 and that I hope you can take something with you as you move into the new year. 

Photo:  Tanya Weekes  

Photo: Tanya Weekes 

Growth Happens When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

2017 was a year of breaking through fear. We’re so used to living in our comfortable shells where everything works our way, but when it comes to time challenge ourselves, many hold back. 

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. 

I put this into practice this year in so many ways. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I challenged myself and the way that I view success. 

My biggest moments of growth was when I decided to go to Reunion Island in April and then my decision shortly after to move to Javea in the fall. 

Both of those moments were pivotal because they created experiences where I had to make hard decisions. But what I found is that, when you allow yourself to open up to new situations, it fosters growth. 

These moments defined my year in different ways but most importantly they opened up the possibility that when we envision certain things for our lives, it sometimes means taking a chance on yourself and learning in the process. 


When You Put In The Work, The Rest Will Follow… But It Might Not Be What You Expected

Let me take a moment to say that professionally, this year has been one of the books and in ways that I would have never imagined. 

Professionally, this year I’ve realized the power of putting in the time and taking chances on things you think may not be "for you". This year was also the year that I found the power and magic through speaking and in turn, teaching and inspiring others. 

I gave a TEDx talk. 

I taught through a Travel Noire Compass Course. 

I had an exclusive interview with NowThis News. 

I spoke on a panel and gave the closing speech at the 7in7 Conference. 


We hosted our first LMDES Retreat on the Coast of Spain. 


I was published in print in Essence Magazine. 


Not only that, but this year was the year that I finally transitioned from being an English teacher. I joined the Sun and Co. team in September to run comms and marketing; allowing me to do fulfilling work in the country that I love. Something that at the beginning of 2017, I would have never even thought about or imagined but it has really shaped the way that I’m thinking about my future. 


Love is a Beautiful Thing. Be Open To It. 

Man, this year I learned what love feels like. I’m quite private about my personal relationships but in 2017 I really felt what it’s like to honestly love someone. Although it’s a feeling that I had a hard time admitting, when I realized the beauty of being open and vulnerable with our emotioned, it's quite liberating.

I truly believe that when you are with someone, it should be a freeing feeling. Not something that holds you down or makes you question who you are, but instead, love should be something that brings joy… even during confusing times.

This year, I have also learned a lot about what I value in relationships. Not to mention, I'm still learning what it feels like to get over someone you love and realizing that it’s a process filled with time and patience. 

I encourage you to be open. Not only to loving others, but letting yourself be fully loved in return… because you deserve it.


Keep Your Circles Small; True Friendship Is One Of The Biggest Blessings

There is such a magic in true friendship. And I don’t mean the Instagram, slide into your DM’s and like your photos so now we’re friends “friendship” but I'm talking about the magic and ease when you really have a connection with another person. 

This year has been so eye-opening to me when it comes to keeping circles small and being okay with that. True friendship has been redefined for me in so many ways this year and something that I’ve come to both value and appreciate are the people who are there for you during the hard moments and in turn, those who you feel comfortable with sharing the hard times.

The ones who challenge you when you’re not living up to your core values. The ones who ask the hard questions and encourage you to grow… even when it doesn’t seem easy. 

That is what friendship is. 

Photo:  Tanya Weekes  

Photo: Tanya Weekes 

I think for many, it’s easy to connect with people on the internet and have a sense that you truly know them… but I encourage you to take your relationships a step further. If you really want to create a relationship with someone… be vulnerable. Make an effort. Show you’re truly interested. and not just when you want help, a connection or a favor. When you allow yourself to put in the time, you'll find the magic of having the right people in your circle. 

Lord knows, I’m grateful for mine. 


Be Patient With Your Process; When It’s Your Time, It’s Your Time.

2017 was the year that gifted me with Spanish residency; meaning I can live and work in Spain legally (not through a student visa). Even more so, I’m doing it in communications and marketing which is exactly what I loved doing while I was in New York. 

So imagine, I leave a job I love in New York because I felt as if I was missing a big part of the lifestyle that I wanted to be living. For 3 years, I focus on myself, my growth and learning a bit more about who I am and what I truly want… in a place where I feel at home. Then, while putting in the work, doing things that bring me joy and value to others and finding my sense of happiness, I get a job offer to do meaningful work with a company I support. 

Life comes full circle if you let it. 

Not only that but I’ve learned that you can’t always have high seasons. It’s vital to understand that there are waves when you’re supposed to be “on it” and there are other times when you’re supposed to have a bit more downtime. Neither one is better or worse, but it just means that different things are for you at different times and to accept it just as it is. 

We need to learn to love ourselves and trust the process, even when it feels like the unexpected is happening. 

When it’s your time, it’s your time. 


My wish for you this next year is that you trust your process. You put in the time and effort to work towards your dreams and more than anything, I hope that you continue to love yourself and those around you!