5 Tips To Get Organized and Make The Most Of Your Week

When we start our days or weeks, odds are, we enter with high hopes and ambitions and then Friday rolls around and we haven’t gotten half of the things done that we wanted to accomplish. Time management and productivity are essential whether you’re an entrepreneur, creative, or even a student. How we schedule our days and maximize our time, will lead us to a better, more stable and freeing life.

If you know me, you know that I believe that entrepreneurship can be a sustainable practice, in other words, balance is possible. You can do it all and still have a healthy lifestyle, creating space for relationships, travel and whatever else it is that you long for.

Today I’m going to share with you five ways on how to organize your week for maximum productivity.


Make Your Calendar A Priority

I’m huge on scheduling and being conscious of how I spend my time. When it comes to what needs to get done in a day, I’ve found that I’m much more efficient when I create time blocks and schedule things out on the calendar instead of just following my to-do list.

Keep in mind that calendars shouldn’t just be used for meetings but also for your personal organization on how you’ll be spending each day.

When you take to time to schedule your calendar for each week, it allows you to see what you realistically have time to take on and when you might be overscheduling yourself.

Set time limits for each task and it will help you focus on that one thing, instead of jumping around and multitasking all day long, finding that you end up starting a ton of projects but not finishing any of them.

Google Calendar has become my go-to because it gives me access both on my computer and phone and it syncs with all of my accounts and calendars with the other people on my team.

A Look Into My Weekly Calendar

Color Code Everything

Color-coding is essential because it allows for you to have a quick and easy view of what you need to do and where your priorities lie. If you’re someone who is always working on various projects or businesses, this is a great way to visibly see where your time is going and what you’re dedicating and where.

Use different colors to make a distinction between your different responsibilities. I have a color for LMDES work, Siempre Girando, Meetings, Gym, Personal Time. This way, when I see a color, my brain is already triggered to know what I need to be working on next and it also allows for me to make sure that I’m creating time and space for all the different aspects of my life.


Don’t Be Afraid To Use Both Paper and Electronic

Although I use electronic calendars, I am also a notebook addict and that helps keep me organized and in-line with everything I need to get done.

On the computer, I get a weekly overview of what I have on my plate with an easy click. It also makes it easy to invite people to meetings with a few clicks, as well as let my team know what I’m working on and when.

Now, when it comes to paper, anyone who knows me, know that I’m obsessed with notebooks and bullet journaling.

It’s my way to keep track of everything from long term goals to daily to-dos and even habit tracking. Although I have my overviews on the computer, my notebooks go with me everywhere and allow me to keep track of the day to day tasks and reminders.

So, feel free to find your balance of both to see what works best for you when it comes to weekly planning. Do you need to write it all down first? Type it up? Directly schedule it in? Find your flow and go from there. 


Schedule Time For Rest 

You can't go full speed, 24 hours/7 days a week. It’s not good for your brain, body, business or anything else. Make sure that you schedule in time for rest. In the same way that you put importance on business development meetings or scheduling social media, I encourage you to put aside at least 1 hour a day, just for you.

Whether you use that time to read, go for a walk or disconnect… make sure that you find time each day to do something that you love. You’ll see that it creates more of a daily balance so you aren’t dreading Mondays and always waiting for the weekend.

Also, be sure to make that time a priority in the same way you would anything else. For me, my daily time is going to the gym and I make sure that nothing interferes with that. So if someone wants to schedule a meeting during that time, I kindly ask to reschedule because I’m already committed. Make personal time a necessity in your weekly schedule and you’ll be grateful you did.


Get A Head Start on The Week

I recommend getting your hardest/most time-consuming tasks done early in the week. Although some people dread Monday’s, take advantage and get the biggest tasks done the first couple of days of the week so then as the weekend gets closer, you won’t feel as if you’re playing catch up.

In a previous post on productivity I mentioned the importance of knowing when your peak hours and getting big tasks done then.

I’m a morning person, so I do all of my proactive tasks in the AM when my mind is clear and fresh and then save the afternoon for projects or work that doesn’t take as much energy and is more reactive.


What tip did you like the most and what do you do to help plan productivity? Comment below and let me know!