Beautiful Changes — The End of Summer

August has come to an end and the excitement of autumn is in the air. This time of year always excites me as it seemingly leads to the feeling new beginnings; crisp air, new faces, an opportunity to begin again.

This summer has been a beautiful whirlwind of firsts. In June I moved into my first solo apartment, a two bedroom filled with light and open space. In July, I spent the month exploring Ireland for the first time and being reminded of the importance of nature and slowing down. In August, LMDES became a legal business as we got approved as an LLC and we announced THRIVE, an innovative conference happening this November. The list goes on and on but the changes have brought forward beautiful opportunities.

September will be a busy month as I head to Javea, Spain for a week for the Digital Nomad Girls retreat and then escape to Barcelona shortly after for an exciting speaking engagement. With new things in the works, I’m constantly being reminded of the importance of honing my creativity and am looking forward to expressing myself more through writing, photography and video both here and a few other publications.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with a few songs I’ve had on repeat recently. Also, I’d love to hear what you all have lined up for September!