Featured: Interview with Be Moxie

Really honored to be featured as a Moxie Leader this week on the website, Be Moxie. I got to spend time speaking with their team on empowerment, the importance of female solidarity and how dealing with hard times can also lead to success. You can find the full interview here

Be Moxie: What does “empowerment” mean to you?

Sienna Brown: To me, empowerment means support. Empowerment means trust and respect. Empowerment is the gateway to success and I feel that being surrounded by other females who feel empowered is so important. I’ve come to learn that as a leader and someone that other women look to for support, it’s necessary to ignite the feeling of empowerment in others, to show them that they deserve to be their ideal selves and to let them know that it’s possible. Empowerment is letting others learn on their own but still being there to help if they fall. To empower someone is to love.