Three Questions To Get You Fired Up About Life

I am fired up about life. 


The kind of fired up that has me creating and executing at 11pm on a Friday night. The kind of fired up that has me investing almost $2,000 dollars in my professional growth through learning from those who have already done it. The kind of fired up that has me waking up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning to work towards these big dreams of mine. 


This is a feeling that I wish for you more than you know.



February has been a transformative month in more ways that I could have ever imagined.


I learned what an abundance mindset can really do for you. I’ve healed from years of past hurt. I’ve come to fully accept that I am made to be indescribably great and the only thing holding me back has been fear. I’ve fostered relationships that inspire and empower me to be great. I’ve secured business deals with easy 30-minute phone calls. I’ve learned more about myself than I thought was possible. I have come to realize what life looks like when you’re willing to go all in.


Again, this is a feeling I want you to experience but a lot of you have told me, you’re not even sure where to start. That is okay. This is a process. 


Today, I want to give you three questions to answer to get you one step closer to clarity on your potential and the life you could be living. 

What Is Your Superpower? 

Please refrain from saying or even thinking… “I don’t know/I don’t have one”. That simply isn’t true, you do. 

What is something that comes to you with ease? That you take for granted? That you find comes naturally when other people struggle with it.  

If you need to, ask 3 to 5 people you know what your superpower is? Odds are, the answer is right in front of you but you just take it for granted. 


I recently had an AHA moment and realized that my superpower is seeing the potential in others and giving them a roadmap to success. I used to think that always giving people the benefit of the doubt was a flaw of mine, but when I trust my gut and believe that someone has the potential to be great… they normally do. 


Back in 2013, I was interviewing, connecting with and highlighting the voices of creatives like Rupi Kaur (yes, that Rupi Kaur), Danyel Smith (the director of the R.Kelly documentary), Zim Ugochukwu (the founder of Travel Noire) and more… all before they “blew up”. 


I’ve taken a chance on women who have wanted to work with/for me and they’ve gone on to now work for Vogue, Blavity and even start their own businesses. 


My superpower is being able to see potential, provide the roadmaps and then let people soar. 

 So, think about yours. What is your superpower?

How Can You Help/Serve Others?

This is one of the most important questions because whether you’re looking to start a new job, a new blog or your own business… the key to success is asking yourself, how can I serve others?  


You see, success isn’t about how much money you have in the bank, what kind of car you drive or house you have. It’s about how you are making an impact on this beautiful world and the people in it. 


If you’ve been around, you know that my mission is to teach others build a life they love, through learning the right habits, discipline and mindset. So, if I find myself helping impact at least one person to be inspired and motivated to make a change towards creating a better life for themselves, then I feel fulfilled. 


What is your mission? How can you help and serve others through your knowledge and unique life experiences? 

What Can You Eliminate From Your Life? 

Yup, you heard that right. What can you get rid of so that you can focus on what matters?


We get distracted with this thing or that person and it fogs up our mind and stops us towards reaching greatness. You need to let go so you can start focusing on what really matters. 


I have gotten rid of so much in the past couple of weeks that I’m now walking through life with everything feeling crystal clear. 


I mean, I’ve worked through years of hurt and healing. I’ve gotten rid of limiting beliefs about what is possible for my life and what success means to me. I’ve eliminated a whole lot of noise on social media, aka… unfollowed everyone that wasn’t providing value to my life and mission. I’ve gotten rid of old habits that no longer served me. 


Was this process hard? Yup, absoutely. Was it 100000% worth it? You bet. 


So, think about what you need to let go of so that you can focus all of your time and energy towards building that life you’ve always dreamed of.


Think about it, work through it then let it go. 


Take some time today and think about these questions and let me know what your answers are in the comments below!

I want you to get fired up about life, you deserve that feeling more than you know.