Life Round Here: April Snapshot

April was an extremely busy month but filled with beautiful happenings. It started it off with my trip to New York and from there things kept on moving. All in all, it was filled with lots of focus on relationships, both new and old and getting out into the world a bit more. I can't always live behind my computer screen, ya know? For those of you who follow me on insta, it's a little context to some of the photos I posted last month and for those of you who don't be sure to follow me and keep up with daily happenings. 

1. There's no feeling like home. I've always been in love with the flawless design of my grandmother's house and how welcoming it is. // 2. One of the perks of being in NYC is the endless creative inspiration. Fell in love with the work of Liam Alexander in a cafe one Sunday afternoon. // 3. My sister recently expressed her desire to learn photography so I let her spend the day shooting and taught her some of the ropes. She really has great creative vision // 4. West Village brunch will always be the right decision. // 5. Catching up with one of my favorite boys was a highlight. No matter how much time passes, we're right back where we always were. // 6. The best reflections happen in travel. Was feeling extremely inspired flying over Switzerland on my way back to Spain. // 7. Really sad to see one of my closest friend's here head back home but more than grateful to have gotten to know her since our journey together in September. // 8. New plants always bring a springtime feeling. One of my favorite ways to decorate a workspace. // 9. Had a fantastic time at a weekend barbecue, a nice reminder that everything is always better with sunshine, friends and live music.