Luxury + Leisure with Rudas NY

There is a certain type of beauty that comes with embracing the luxuries of life and living slowly. The way that we dress is a manifestation of our inner self. In the same way that we use our words as expression, our style also shows the world who we are (or who we desire to be). 

Upon discovering, Rudas NY, I immediately fell in love with the versatility and design of their idle wear. We can all imagine waking up in the morning and engulfing ourself in a flawlessly designed robe that would have you never wanting to leave the house. Well, the beauty of their style is that they've designed robes where it is also the perfect fit for when you're out and about, embracing the beauty of a laid back life. 

Photography by Danielle Maria

Outfit Details

Pavilion Pullover — Rudas NY

Scarf — Zara Spain

Boots — American Eagle