Redefining Love


This past weekend, I discovered that I'm currently on a journey of redefining what love means to me. I’m consciously unlearning what I thought love was and realizing that it's more than just a giving of yourself but instead, a reciprocal motion. The image of holding one hand to the sky, ready to receive and the other one out in front of you, willing to share.  I used to continuously give all of myself because I believed that without self-sacrifice, I wouldn't be wanted, that the only way I would be appreciated is by what I could give to others. Over the past year and a half, I have been cultivating relationships that are deeper than I am used to and the overwhelming sense of love and care that comes with it and that once confused me, now bring me peace.


I am learning to listen to my heart, to say what I mean, to follow what instinctually feels right and to trust myself as I take next steps. As I redefine love, I'm also allowing myself to be free with my emotions, let my flaws show and realize that if I am to be loved, it will be unconditional.


"Maybe the redemption of our flaws is empathetic love." — A dear soul