Dao Restaurant

Photo Diary: Berlin Pt. 1

Decided to kick off the beginning of summer vacation with a weeklong trip to Berlin. I'll be sharing photos from the trip as we go along so I hope you enjoy! 

Photo by  Zeroanodino

Photo by Zeroanodino

Had the opportunity to spend the first night at Gorki Apartments, by far one of the most luxurious yet contemporary hotels that I've ever experienced. The ambiance makes you feel like you're at home (or a home you wish you had) while still being extremely accommodating. The design is fantastic from their individualized apartments, each one having it's own name, to their choice of using the organic brand Dr. Bronners in the bathroom. The entire experience was quite welcoming, the central location made it easy to explore what was close by although, to be quite honest, the apartments are so enticing that you'll want to spend as much time in the room as possible. 

First night stay at  Gorki Apartments

First night stay at Gorki Apartments


On the first night, we were also invited to dine at Dao Restaurant which is a Thai restaurant that also has a cooking school. Let it be known that the food there was phenomenal and the curry is unforgettable. I got to spend quite some time with the owner, who is not just passionate about what she does but has a contagious energy. The experience you'll have at the restaurant will have you wanting to come back soon after. 

One of the many courses at  Dao Restaurant

One of the many courses at Dao Restaurant

Here are some more photos from the first two days in Berlin. Enjoy!