Summer Self-Care

So far this summer, I've been focusing a lot on self-care and letting things manifest in the way that they're supposed to. Understanding that what happens in life, happens for a reason and when you work towards greatness and believe in yourself, goodness will come. It goes hand in hand with the thought process of letting go of things out of your control and embracing the sense of liberty and empowerment that comes with those realizations. I decided to share with you all a bit of what I've been up to this summer and what has been bringing me happiness. 

Upcoming Trips 

As most of you know, I started summer with a trip to Berlin, which was a wonderful experience. I've been in Murcia working for the past month and will be here until the middle of August but then I'll be adventuring on a solo-trip that I'm really excited about. I'll be heading to Oporto, Portugal for five days to recharge and spend some alone time exploring a new place. This will be my first solo-trip ever (surprisingly) but it will be so rejuvenating. Afterwards, I'll be spending some time in Madrid, Segovia, Ronda and possibly Santiago de Compostela for a few projects. 


For me, self-care ranges from waking up a bit earlier to take time for myself before starting the day or learning to say no to commitments that I don't feel passionate about. Self-care has also been about reflecting and envisioning, seeing where life has brought me so far and putting into the universe where I want to see in the future. 

Sleep has become has become a total priority for me and each night before bed, I try to disconnect and just be still. I make it a ritual to apply argan oil to my face, burn lavender and write as a great way to unwind and settle down. 

Organized Greatness

So, as you've probably seen via instagram, I was selected to test out the Mod Laptop II by This Is Ground, a brand that I've been admiring for a while. Well, as I mentioned before... the universe manifests itself and last week, my package from them arrived. Being someone that is always on the go between LMDES, WildSpice, travel and other projects... organization is so important. I've become a complete advocate of the brand and what they're doing as their products are quite revolutionary when it comes to style, creativity and business. Whether it's heading to my favorite cafe in town or packing for an upcoming trip, this is my new favorite accessory


What have you been focusing on this summer? How are you practicing self-care?

Photo Diary: Berlin Pt. 2

Our room at  Das Stue  was beautiful beyond belief

Our room at Das Stue was beautiful beyond belief

Here's the second installation of photos from my Berlin trip. I had an amazing time experiencing the city in a way that I never thought I'd be able to and I couldn't be more grateful. I'll be sharing posts in the upcoming future about my hotel experiences but in the meantime, here are more photos from the last few days in Berlin! 

Photo by  Zeroanodino .

Photo by Zeroanodino.

Photo by  Zeroanodino .

Photo by Zeroanodino.

Perfect Packing: Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

There is something about packing for a trip that has always seems to bring me joy. Maybe it's the combination of putting together my favorite outfits or envisioning myself exploring new places. As I get ready to head out for my next trip on Sunday, I decided to pack as light as possible... really trying to get this minimalism thing down. 

This trip is going to be both business + fun so I decided to bring some my favorite travel essentials. Obviously my computer and camera are going onboard, necessary needs for daily happenings but I've detailed some other necessities for short-term trips.

Flowy pieces 

I rarely go shopping but I recently brought a new pair of flowy summer pants that I'm absolutely in love with. Flowy bottoms give off cool vibes while still be extremely comfortable to romp around in while exploring a new city. I normally pack a lot of light pieces or dresses while traveling because they take up less space while still being versatile.

Skincare Necessities   

During my last trip to New York I got to spend some time with Cyndi Ramirez, fashionista and Use Dailē founder (an amazing skincare brand). I normally have quite a bit of trouble finding the perfect solution of my skin but since using this lightweight moisturizer, I don't want to use anything else. It's fantastic and not only that but hey have sample sizes which is the perfect solution to bring along for your next flight. 

Writing Materials 

I'm a notebook addict, without a doubt. My favorite brands are Moleskine + Rifle Paper Co. I use my Moleskine for all things business and Rifle Paper for more creative things. I love being able to create on the road and I definitely work best while in transit so, train rides and flights are seemingly almost always productive. Notebooks are also wonderful for  those late nights or early mornings after experiencing something completely new and reflecting on how great life is. 

The Perfect Playlist

Of course, the perfect playlist for a trip is an essential. Music and memory are so strongly connected, when a certain song comes on I'm sure it reminds you of an experience you once had. I love spending time before a trip putting together travel playlists so that I can spend time jamming out or relaxing while in transit. Some artists I have on repeat right now are Laymah,  Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Rufus ft. Chaka Khan, and Corinne Bailey Rae

What are some of your travel must-haves?

Weekend Vibes: A Beach Getaway

This past weekend, a friend of mine was in town which was the perfect excuse to explore a bit and go to the beach. We made our way to Los Alcazares and spent some time by the ocean. Of course, the water is where I feel most at home so I was in my element. It was nice to take a little break and relax as I get ready for the school year to end. This next month will be a beautiful whirlwind with an upcoming trip to Berlin and a really exciting initiative happening with Las Morenas de España.

PS. Check out our fun little promo video I put together!. Can't wait to share more. 

Insta Shots @siempregirando

Above photos are from my instagram where I always have life updates. Thanks to Aliyah for snapping the pic of me!