Poetic Musings: Embracing the Super Moon

Photo by Sienna Brown: Brooklyn —Aug 25, 2014

Photo by Sienna Brown: Brooklyn —Aug 25, 2014

Each time the moon is full, a lunar ambiance draws me in like a stream in the heat. You entrance me in the same way.

One summer night, weaving through an endless field with warm air carrying my fears away, I saw you in your purest state. Patiently waiting, full of glory, I journeyed on. 

With all that I had and all that I lacked, you were ready to embrace me, reassurance that I was enough. That night, you opened your arms and brought me to the warm ocean. That night, I learned to truly let go. Drowning in awe, it felt like home.

Years later, I find you again, full in all of your glory. Now, you bring along distant memories. Now, you also remind me of him, synonymous in calling and the feeling of that embrace; reassuring that I am enough, just as I am.

My mind relives the ocean breeze; open arms, letting my soul rest with the calm of its sound. Filled with clarity and wonder, I’m comforted by the silence and the passion of your presence.