Life Round Here: May Snapshot

With May having just ended, I've realized how quickly the time goes. My teaching job is officially over and it feels as if I just arrived in Murcia yesterday. I'm glad to be staying here throughout the summer into next year. The feeling of summer has really arrived with beach trips, outdoor concerts and great weather. I've shared a round-up of photos from my instagram.  

For those of you who follow me on insta, it's a little context to some of the photos I posted last month and for those of you who don't be sure to follow me and keep up with daily happenings. 

1// I've been really in love with my Mr. Wonderful planner. It's been the perfect way to stay organized, plan meetings and get everything on my to-do list checked off. Not to mention, it's filled with little encouragements and inspirations. 

2// Been spending a bit more time around town and appreciating the fact that Murcia has some beautiful architecture. This was snapped on the way to an art exhibition at Palacio Almudí.

3// Hands down, Socolá Cafe is my new favorite place in the city. They recently opened (around February) and I've been going there constantly for some pretty solid work sessions. Not to mention, they have fantastic morning menus... talking about salmon tostadas, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee for 3 euros.

4// One day, during a really long bike ride... I had to take a pitstop to take a photo in front of this bright colored wall. It reminded me of LA for some reason and I was also still drooling over the new pants that I recently purchased. 

5// Once again... Socolá Cafe but this time during the afternoon which obviously means picking up one of their delicious cupcakes. They have peanut butter + jelly ones! 

6// Had a fabulous time one weekend as an old college friend (and HYPE baby) came to visit me from Madrid to stay for the weekend. Definite excuse to make it out to the beach and enjoy Los Alcalzares. 

7// A quick snap during the Murcia Tres Culturas outdoor music festival as this building caught my eye while listening to a Polish singer who sounded quite a bit like Enya to be honest. 

8// That's me, just hanging out in my room. But honestly, I'm trying to take more self portraits and be representative so I snapped this one morning during my relaxing routine before I start to work. I normally try to sit down and have a cup of coffee before starting to center myself and decide what I need to be focusing on for the day. 

9// Yum. To kick off the start of my summer vacation from teaching, I decided to treat myself to a delicious lunch. Doesn't matter that it was Monday... doesn't matter that I had a lot on my plate but I'm allowing myself to indulge a little bit more. Treat yourself, am I right?