Weekend Vibes: A Beach Getaway

This past weekend, a friend of mine was in town which was the perfect excuse to explore a bit and go to the beach. We made our way to Los Alcazares and spent some time by the ocean. Of course, the water is where I feel most at home so I was in my element. It was nice to take a little break and relax as I get ready for the school year to end. This next month will be a beautiful whirlwind with an upcoming trip to Berlin and a really exciting initiative happening with Las Morenas de España.

PS. Check out our fun little promo video I put together!. Can't wait to share more. 

Insta Shots @siempregirando

Above photos are from my instagram where I always have life updates. Thanks to Aliyah for snapping the pic of me! 

Weekend Vibes: BBQs and Beatles Records

The feeling of springtime is a great one as the days are longer and there's a longing to spend time with loved ones and appreciate all that you have. This past weekend I did just that, experiencing a different part of Murcia than usual.

I was invited by the wonderful people of Bar Taberna de Ideas to La BARbacoa del Peretón, which was a fun day-long festival filled with delicious food, an open bar and DJ's... the dance floor was packed. So Saturday was spent in the sun, enjoying the ambiance and everyone dancing around with smiles on their faces. 


Sunday was more relaxing and I couldn't have asked for anything else. Unexpected plans turned into a beautiful day filled with good company. Spent the afternoon in las huertas with delicious lunch, conversation and the luxury of doing nothing. It was amazing how quickly the time passes when you're painting, writing and singing along to an old Beatles records. Here's to a wonderful beginning of a new week.