Weekend Escape: Road Tripping Through Fuerteventura

There’s nothing better than getting away for the weekend and exploring a new part of Spain so when Danni asked me to join her in Fuerteventura for her birthday trip, I immediately said yes.

Tickets were booked the same day and we started counting down to the amazing getaway we would have on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura and boy, were we in for a ride.

We spent 3 days exploring all that the island had to offer and it's was truly a dream. There's something so special being able to travel with your best friend and have the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation.

Before we left, we made a spur of a moment decision to rent a car and it was the best choice we could have made. When we traveled to Mallorca together back in 2015 (wow, time flies) we rented a car and it gave an amazing sense of freedom to experience the island like no other, so we chose to do that again. What I love most about Fuerteventura is that parts of the island remind me a bit of Greece (although I've never been) and every turn was an opportunity to capture it's beauty. 

We chose to rent a car with Avis and we got to explore Fuerteventure without limitations, heading somewhere different each day, driving with the top down (literally) and singing along to everything from Drake to Ingrid Michaelson. 

Let's just say it was a weekend for the books, filled with laughs, dancing, long talks and celebrating all that life has given us thusfar. 

Watch The Video Below To See What The Trip Was Like! 

Have you ever been to Fuerteventura? What's your favorite part about the island?