What Season Of Life Are You In?

Where are you in your life right now? Take a moment, without judgment, to truly reflect on what season of life you’re in at the moment.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “seasons” lately, as winter is finally coming to a close and spring is just around the corner. Each season of the year is equally important for its own reasons and when we think about it it all... it’s quite beautiful. They need one another to exist. 

In the same way that we think about the beauty of the seasons of the year, it’s important to understand and respect the seasons of our life. 

Too often, we’re constantly reflecting on our “high seasons” in envy of why we’re not living in that state 24/7… but in the same way that we all love spring and summer, winter and fall have it’s purpose as well. 

What Season Of Life Are You In? Siempre Girando


There are times where we’re crafting, making, and focusing on growth. There are other times when we’re blooming, normally after we’ve had a hard “winter” period of our lives. There are times when it’s necessary for us to lay low and reflect. And there are moments when we are feeling our best… the seasons when we are most proud of who we are and what we’re becoming. 

So, what do seasons have to do with the bigger scope of things? 

It comes down to continuously living with intention and understanding that you’re in this phase of your life for a reason. 

When you’re able to be patient with yourself and be conscious of the season of life that you’re currently in… that’s how we grow. 

It’s easy to just let it all pass by, feeling frustrated with ourselves because we’re not “where we want to be” or “in our prime” but it’s more than that. When you know what you’re working towards, you’ll take into account that fact that you’re in this time of your life for the right reasons. 

Personally, I’m living in a season where I am staying low-key in all aspects. I’m quietly working and planning on many things while keeping an overall sense of calm. 


Why am I okay with that? 

Because all of last year I was in a season of intense growth, with many beautiful changes and steps to where I wanted to be. I traveled a lot. I did things that scared me. I had lots of amazing changes. 

Now, I’m in a season that calls for quiet. It calls for learning. It calls for keeping my head down and focusing on what really matters to me. This is my season of figuring out what my next steps are and I’m so grateful for exactly where I am because I know this is going to lead to something new.

So, take some time right now to think about what season of life you’re in.

Where are you in life and how are you taking advantage of this time to help you move towards wherever you want to be? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts!