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You are meant to be here, trust in that.

I can tell that you’re someone who is ready to make major change in their lives because you’ve been hearing me talk about leveling up through this mastermind program and you felt drawn to find out more. 

In the past 3 years, my life has done a complete 180, going from constantly overworked, underpaid and overstressed to now living a life that I would have never imagined. 

I’ve done everything from give TEDx talks, teach University students, run my own business that constantly brings me joy, am frequently featured in large scale publications… the list goes on. But that’s the not most important part. 

I used to live in a world where I believed that “struggle” and “hustle” were normalized words but my, how things have changed. Over the years, I’ve learned and implemented various strategies that don’t just lead to professional success but also flourishing in my personal life as well.  


It is possible to live a life where you have it all.

Throughout the years, I’ve made various changes that have allowed me to live a life better than what I could have ever imagined.

This was created because it’s time for you to realize that it’s possible and I’m here to help you get there. 

This isn’t going to be like any other program that you might have heard of. Most only focus on professional growth but if you know me, you know that personal growth is just as vital. So, with a holistic approach to how we succeed, we’ll all work together to reach out goals. 


The beauty of a mastermind program is that you trust the person leading it (hey there!) and that the other people in the group are those you can learn from and connect with. This is exactly why I’m choosing to keep this group small, so that over the next 3 months, you’ll not only grow personally and professionally but you’ll also make meaningful connections that will help with the process. 

With my one-on-one coaching in the past, I go through similar processes and with this mastermind; it’s going to be much more hands-on. We will all virtually meet and come together to support, answer questions and I’ll be there to mentor throughout the whole process.