I'm a pretty multifaceted person. Odds are, you are too! 

I believe in sustainable entrepreneurship.

Building your empire and making meaningful change in the world shouldn't mean putting the rest of your life on hold. I work with entrepreneurs to help take their brands to the next level while finding balance in their everyday life. 

I believe that big ideas can become a reality. 

Just starting out, you probably have plenty of big ideas but don't know how to get it off the ground. I work with creatives on branding, marketing and useful implementation strategies to get their new blog or business kickstarted. 

I believe you can move to a different country and thrive. 

Moving abroad and immersing yourself in a new country doesn't have to be a struggle story. I work with individuals to help them move abroad and I work with educational establishments to teach about cultural immersion and diversity. 

Want Some Specifics? 

If you're a small business or wanting to finally get your big idea out into the world, here are some ways we can work together. 


- Brand + Marketing Strategy

- Social Media Strategy 

- Editorial Calendar Strategy 


- Squarespace Design

- Copywriting

- Basic SEO


- Email Marketing Copy + Strategy 

- Partnerships + Press

- Campaign Design + Execution

What Have I Been Up To Recently?